International Hospitality Department

2-year program(20 students)
Exclusive for foreign students

Call to come to Japan and Tohoku
Acquire Tourism Planning and Practical Japanese skills

The International Hospitality Department, where we train students to be Japan’s “Omotenashi (Hospitality) Pro,” is a department that is exclusive for foreign students. While improving one’s Japanese language skills, this department develops service and tourism planning skills aimed not just for Japanese but also for foreign tourists.

Practical Training Program that improves Japanese and Service Skills

Thorough Service Training
You can acquire service skills that are on the same level as the Restaurant Service Skilled Worker, which is a national qualification here in Japan.
Work-while-studying Internship Program
We offer a full internship program in an actual hotel in Japan. It is a paid internship.
Learn Japanese Business Manners
You can learn Japanese Business Manners while wearing suits like a Japanese person
Plenty of Volunteer Opportunities
Aside from joining YMCA’s events, we also have international exchange activities in elementary schools.
Experience Classes Unique to Tohoku Region
You can learn about the Great East Japan Earthquake, and experience famous tourist activities in Tohoku like skiing and maple leaves viewing
Joint Classes with Japanese Students
We have multiple events and classes where you will be able to interact with Japanese students.

Perspective Jobs List

♦Japanese Hotel (Ryokan) Staff
♦Hotel Staff
♦Overseas Hotel Staff
♦Restaurant / Banquet Staff
♦Travel Planner / Coordinator
♦Tour Coordinator / Guide
♦Foreign-affiliated company staff

Qualifications You Can Obtain

♦Restaurant Service Skill Test
♦Hotelier Proficiency Test
♦English Proficiency Test
♦Secretary Skill Test
♦Tourism English Proficiency Test
♦Microsoft Office Specialist Test
♦Service Reception Test
♦Hospitality Test
♦Business Japanese Proficiency Test

We conduct trial classes!

We have trial classes for those who are interested in entering our school.

Preview of our International Hospi-
tality Department’s Trial Classes

Access Map

Subway Tozai Line Omachi-nishi-koen Station East Exit 2, around 5 min walk
Subway Namboku Line Kotodai Koen Station Koen Exit 2, around 15 min walk
Subway Namboku Line Hirose Station West Exit 5, around 15 min walk
Tachimachi Shogakko Bus Stop around 3 min walk
Tohoku Kosai Byoin - Sensai Fukko Kinenkan Mae Bus Stop, around 5 min walk
JR Sendai Station, around 25 min walk

Message from our Current Students

The more you learn about “hospitality” the deeper the meaning it gets.
International Hospitality Department
From Vietnam / From International Academy Language School
Ms. Le Thi Huong Giang
In practicing Japanese Hospitality (Omotenashi), we need to really put in more effort than the Japanese students because we need to learn and understand Japanese from the start. But, YMCA teachers help us with eagerness and passion. I can also say the same thing for the staff where I was an intern in. I was able to learn while observing how they work with all of their hearts. With that, with a thankful heart, I will do my best even in my daily activities.
Kind teachers assist us foreign students
International Hospitality Department
From Nepal

Mr. Rai Nripa Chandra
Because I want to learn more about Japanese Hospitality, after graduating from my language school, I entered Sendai YMCA. Since one of my relatives studies inYMCA in Hong Kong, I know that this is a school that I can trust. In the future, I want to work in a Japanese hotel or restaurant. I do like our hospitality classes, but reading and writing in Kanji is difficult for me. But because Sendai YMCA only admits a few students per school year, the teachers can properly teach and assist us. Because of this, you can be at ease and study properly.