Admissions Guide for Foreign Students
Study the Heart of Japanese Hospitality

This is a school where you can study everything about being a hotelier while earning salary and gaining skills through experience by working in a real hotel.

In Japan, we have this spirit of “hospitality” in which we think of our customers greatly and carefully consider their needs.
This Japanese style of hospitality is an important element when engaging in businesses related to service.
By acquiring the heart and skills in a professional setting, whether it be in speech, in mind, and in behavior, it is possible to work in a hotel or ryokan (Japanese inn) in Japan.
Furthermore, because we have a “Dual System” where you can work while studying in Sendai YMCA Hotel School, you can earn money and help lessen your school fees while learning Japanese hospitality.

For foreign students, the department that you can enroll in depends on your Japanese level and the job that you aim for.

  1. If your Japanese skill is N2 and above, you can enroll in our Hotel Management Department
  2. If your Japanese skill is below N2, but is willing to work in hotels while studying Japanese, you can enroll in our International Hospitality Department.

Study to attain your goals while improving your Japanese skills.

Types of Visa in Japan
that You Can Get After Graduating

From November 1, 2019, qualifications in the field of confectionery has been added.

 In the field of Hotel Business - Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa

Other than that, if you have the Specified Skilled Worker 1 Visa, you can get a job in food related services like restaurants, food manufacturing, as well as in the field of hotel business.

Application Information for Foreign Students

Sendai YMCA Hotel School admits foreign students in either the Hotel Management Department or the International Hospitality Department.

Hospitality, especially Japanese hospitality, that carefully considers the other person’s needs is renowned worldwide.

As you learn and acquire Japanese hospitality in real life, not only you can find a job here in Japan, but your employment options will increase even if you go back to your own country.

Information About the Location of the School

City called Sendai

With a population of around 1 million, Sendai is the biggest city in the region of Tohoku. It is located in an area where you can go to Tokyo by Shinkansen in 2 hours and easily access the metropolitan area. Since the living costs in Sendai is slightly lower than other cities, you can study while reducing the amount that you have to pay for school fees. It is a place where the sea and the mountains are nearby, and see multiple historical sites. Although Sendai was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, there are numerous volunteer activities you can join that support the rehabilitation of the city and its people.

Sendai and Foreign Students

Sendai has been long called the “School Capital.” It is a place where there are a number of universities and vocational schools. Sendai has a lot of foreign students, and it can be said that students from other countries coming here for the first time can live and adjust easily. On top of that, every year, Sendai YMCA Hotel and Confectionery School conducts YMCA Christmas, an event that is prepared for foreign students in Sendai. This event offers opportunities to meet Japanese people living in Sendai and foreign students studying in other universities.